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University of Chicago to open new academic centre in Delhi

The University of Chicago is all set to start a new academic centre in Delhi in coming spring, supporting and expanding opportunities for collaboration among scholars and students from India and Chicago, in all disciplines. This new academic centre will play the role of a research and education hub for university’s faculty, graduate students and undergraduates who are working in India and throughout South Asia as well as Indian research and students representing a wide range of institutions and scholars across the world.

President Robert J Zimmer said this new centre which will be soon gets functional from Delhi will be an intellectual destination and will enable the University of Chicago to be better support research and scholarship that will give advantages to faculty, students and society. Zimmer said, “The centre in Delhi reflects the importance the university places on global engagement and our commitment in India and South Asia particularly.”

He further added, “The centre will support the work of our faculty, provide a platform for collaboration and opportunities for Indian scholars, prepare our students with a much greater understanding of India, South Asia, and global issues, and contribute to intellectual discourse in and with India. Our goal is to create an intellectual destination in Delhi, where scholars and students from the US, India, and around the world can benefit from the free exchange of ideas.”

This new centre of research will encourage scholarship and teaching under three broad categories: business, economics, law and policy, science, energy, medicine and public health, culture, society, religion, and the arts. It will represent all parts of the University, which will include the college, the academic division, the professional schools and the university’s affiliated laboratories: Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Marine Biology Laboratory.

Delhi establish collaboration with the university’s centre in the Beijing, opened in 2010, and in Paris which opened in 2004, in bringing together researchers and students to collaborate across the academic fields. In the three year students, faculty and other scholars from over 25 countries have visited the centre in Beijing over 7000 times.

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