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Ireland emerging as new study abroad destination among Indian students

Indian students who have not yet finalised their study abroad destination can search and consider other options which are emerging as new destinations apart from thinking for conventional destinations. Indian students planning to pursue their higher studies in international university can now consider Ireland as a new suitable destination. Pursuing higher studies in Ireland is more economic compared to studying in other preferred destinations such as UK, USA, New Zealand and Australia. Ireland’s ambassador to India, Fei.lim McLaughlin, said that there has been almost 100% jump in the number of Indian students in the September round of admission in 2013 as compared to last year. Although, the number is very small, growing from an average of 1000 in 2012. It is popularly known as one of the largest education destination for American students, and now the country is expecting the same interest and relation with India.

The visa waiver programme was launched in June 2012 that allowed tourist from a number of countries to visit Ireland on a general UK visa, has surely put the country on the map of tourist destination for travelling Indians. McLaughlin said, “Three years ago we had 14,000-15,000 Indian tourists a year, we saw 19,000 tourists in 2012 and this year we're expecting around 25,000 Indian tourists.”

In most of the UK universities the fee has been increased, Indian students planning to study abroad are looking for newer and inexpensive destinations. To get an international degree in medicine students need to pay somewhere around 12,035 to 37,000 euros a year in Ireland, besides, pursuing an MBA will cost you somewhere around 9,150 to 30,000 euros. McLaughlin said, “We need to put ourselves on the map for Indianstudents, show Ireland as one of the viable options for Indian studentsas a safe, friendly destination with a good education system.”

Ireland is home to more than 1000 MNCs and European headquarters of many companies such as Intel, Facebook and Google are situated there. Apart from this, educational institutions have been working on building a close relationship with the industries in the hope of benefiting students.

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