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International MBA colleges where GMAT score is not required

Is GMAT score necessary for getting admission in abroad univ
ersity? Tell me the name of some colleges for doing MBA in A
broad in which GMAT exam score is not required?

Asked by 3813 days ago- by Gayathri.k


International Business schools generally depend on GMAT score for shortlisting perspective candidates. A high score is usually enough to secure a seat in a prestigious institute.A low GRE or GMAT score hinder many students from pursuing a management degree.But, there are some well known International Universities that admit students who have not taken GMAT exam. Below is the list of such colleges which enrol students without GMAT score:
1. Durham Business School (UK),

2. University of Edinburgh (UK),

3. University of Glasgow (UK),

4. University of Kent (UK)

5. Grenoble Ecole de Management in France,

6. TiasNimbas in Netherlands

7. University of Solvay in Belgium

Response by Expert , 3813 days ago

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